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Simplify IV Set

Evo IQ and One Set System

Backed by Baxter’s more than 40 years of IV set know-how, the Evo IQ system has been engineered to seamlessly and exclusively integrate with the One Set System, which helps reduce the number of setups and tear downs, and may decrease the risk of touch contamination.7

One Set System

Standardised IV Tubing Set

The One Set System standardises IV tubing, enabling clinicians to easily switch between gravity and pump applications without changing sets, helping to reduce the number of IV set teardowns and setups.

Evo IQ with the One Set System reduces risk of touch contamination with fewer disconnects, reduces costs with fewer tear downs and setups, and improves inventory efficiency with fewer stock-keeping units (SKUs).7

Reduced Potential for Touch Contamination

Fewer IV tubing disconnects per year

11,000 fewer IV tubing disconnects per
year for the average facility8

Saved Nursing Time

Additional hours per year

Reduce time for IV disconnects and re-priming, can mean an additional 7,955 hours per year for nursing staff to provide quality care for patients8*

Reduce Waste

With the One Set System, one facility experienced a 2,391 kg (5,264 lb.) reduction in the amount of medical waste produced8

Reduced SKUs, Waste and Cost

Up to 66% reduction in Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)7
Up to 30% reduction in IV tubing usage7
Up to 53% cost savings in IV tubing sets7+

*Based on one US facility data, March 2011. Data on file. Baxter Healthcare Corporation.
+Data on File provided by three US facilities. Baxter makes no guarantee of cost savings.

The Evo IQ volumetric pump is intended for use in a wide variety of patient care environments that includes adult, pediatric, and neonatal. The Evo IQ volumetric pump facilitates the delivery of routine critical infusion therapies via continuous and intermittent delivery using primary and secondary infusion modes.